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  • Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi - British EYFS curriculum outline

    Focus skills and concepts for each age group
    • 14 – 22 months
      We begin to settle the children into a routine, teach them that it is ok to be without their primary carer’s for a while and start to encourage the beginnings of independence in them. Activities should all be play based.
    • 22 months – 2 ½ years
      Activities become a little more structured with topics now being knowledge based as well as skills based – i.e. we expect the children to begin to gain information in class. Still lots of play, especially as many children will be starting nursery for the first time at this age.
    • 2 ½ - 3 years
      There is a slightly more formal approach to learning with the introduction of structured Arabic lessons and more integrated topics. More time is spent actively teaching numbers and phonics rather than just exposing the children to them. The teacher may also want to begin performing simple one-on-one assessments at this age.
    • 3 – 4 years
      This year focuses on preparing the children for school. They should become fully independent in their personal care and should be developing their knowledge of and involvement in class topics. Simple one-on-one assessments are performed and used to influence planning of further activities.
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  • Meet our staff

    • Victoria Nichol
      Founder and Nurseries Director

      Victoria Nichol

      Founder and Nurseries Director

      I established Jigsaw Nursery in 2006 with a view to providing a high quality early childhood centre with a holistic, child-centred curriculum at its heart. I have a Masters Degree in English and Russian Literature and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. Having worked as a head of year in a British Curriculum primary school and served on the Board of BSAK for 6 years, I am able to bring to Jigsaw a broad view of the educational needs of your children and a clear understanding of how important their formative years in nursery are. I oversee all educational, curricular and training developments across both branches.

    • Justine Gant
      Branch Manager, Jigsaw Nursery Karama

      Justine Gant

      Branch Manager, Jigsaw Nursery Karama

      I have lived in Abu Dhabi for 20 years and, for half of that time, have been branch manager at Jigsaw Karama. I have a strong customer service background honed in the luxury hotel industry and, combined with a passion for education, this enables me to work well with our team, supporting the staff whilst building a strong relationship with parents and children.

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    Our ambition is to provide top quality education based on British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We enable each child to be the best they can be, through everyday experiences that enrich their love for learning.